Tezze Sul Brenta CAP

Tezze Sul Brenta is located in the region of Vicenza, state of Veneto. The format for Tezze Sul Brenta is of the type NNNNN where N indicates a number and A indicates an alphabet, for example 36056. This is the standard CAP format that is used across Italy. Some of the CAP that come under Tezze Sul Brenta are - 36056.

State: Veneto
Region: Vicenza
City/District: Tezze Sul Brenta
Format: NNNNN


Following are some of the CAP covered under the area of Tezze Sul Brenta. Also wherever possible we have provided nearby landmarks for each of these CAP so that these locations can be accurately be found.

  • 36056
    • Neighbourhood: Tezze sul Brenta (0 Mtrs) Scalchi (1.9 Kms).

Nearby Places

Below is a list of popular landmarks in and around Tezze Sul Brenta with their respective distance from the center.

Villa ContariniHistoric16.5 Kms
Parco QueriniPark20.5 Kms
Olympic TheatreTheater20.6 Kms
Museo CivicoMuseum20.6 Kms
Palazzo ChiericatiMuseum20.6 Kms
Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni MontanariMuseum20.8 Kms
Teatro AstraTheater20.8 Kms
Basilica Palladiana (Pallazzo della Ragione)Monument20.9 Kms
Palazzo Barbaran da PortoLandmark21 Kms
Palazzo ThieneHistoric21 Kms
Piazza dei SignoriLandmark21 Kms
Casa PigafettaMonument21 Kms
Loggia del CapitanioMonument21.1 Kms
Villa Valmarana Ai NaniHistoric21.1 Kms
Villa Capra detta la RotondaHistoric21.1 Kms